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Who we are

More than a disruptive e-commerce platform, we are a group of people passionate about a mission:

We bring our mission to life using our exclusive “shoppable magazine” business model, which not only allows for a unique, comfortable and fun online retail shopping experience, but also provides inspiration and a benchmark in terms of decoration and lifestyle for our customers.

Enchantment and inspiration as a strong advantage

Our “shoppable magazine” digitally replicates the pleasurable experience of “window shopping”, where the customer is free to look at the merchandise displayed in shop windows for leisure, not necessarily intending to buy anything. The difference is that we offer it digitally, with a unique user experience (UX) that has browsing and enchantment at its core, similar to social media. Browsing through Westwing app is quite similar to browsing an app like Instagram, which makes the platform’s user experience highly engaging and results in repeat purchase rates significantly higher than in traditional e-commerce models. On average, our customers visit Westwing around 4x per week, “strolling” for approximately 40 min per week in our platform.

Westwing Club, our main sales channel, works as a live catalog, refreshed daily with short-term campaigns. These daily campaigns showcase a wide and unique assortment of products, curated by our designers and accompanied by a large amount of content. Through them, we offer our customers a daily dose of inspiration, thus creating a feeling of enchantment and opportunity, which has resulted in a high level of engagement.

Our clients come to Westwing to have fun

Discovery and inspiration based shopping with social media-like browsing

Daily campaigns with limited duration and broad selection of carefully curated items


Our campaigns are based on three main ingredients: curators, freshness and content.


For us, our team of curators is the starting point. We offer products from famous brands, designers and small artisan businesses, and the assortment is widely reviewed and selected to offer a pleasant browsing and shopping experience based on high quality products.


Freshness, which is the term we use to describe the continuous additions to the platform (products, brands and suppliers), plays a key role in our high customer engagement level. Freshness is what creates the feeling of novelty every time the customer visits the platform.


To provide inspiration and feeling of enchantment to customers, products are presented according to themes, using editorial content and videos, most of them produced at our three own studios. This strong use of content and editorial presentation contribute to both engagement and conversion in the platform.

Unlike most e-commerce retailers, which are focused on need and search, our main strategy relies on enchantment and inspiration (mainly through WestwingClub) as the key advantage of our business model. This results in high customer engagement and, consequently, significant marketing efficiency. Two other complementary formats are used to fuel this strategy and address other purchase moments: (i) convenience/need and (ii) phygital experience (the encounter between physical and digital in shopping experiences).

  • Convenience/Need: WestwingNow complements the club’s model, being based on shopping by need and search. This model aims to monetize active and inactive customers captured through WestwingClub when they are focused on more rational and planned purchases, in which fixed assortment, search bar and faster delivery play an essential role.
  • Phygital: Purchase experience available through the Gallery, which aims not only at fueling sales in our brick-and-mortar stores, but mainly at offering our customers the opportunity to be in touch with our brand and making the Westwing experience more tangible, thus increasing awareness and recognition of our brand. We believe increased brand awareness and recognition positively affects the efficiency of our marketing strategies to acquire new users. In addition, the galleries generate additional digital sales through the WestwingNow and WestwingClub channels.

Our platform is supported by a large product catalog, technology 100% proprietary and tailor-made logistics

Our catalog has more than 3 thousand suppliers and more than 1 million registered SKUs. Thus, the numbers do the talking: our capacity to prospect and develop new suppliers is an advantage.

We have a close relationship with our suppliers. In addition to the commercial partnership, we offer them an importante advertising and brand building channel. For Westwing, partnerships with new suppliers are extremely relevant for two main reasons:

  • Zero or low inventory model – most products are purchased only after the campaign ends;
  • Product quality and assortment, which are the main basis for creating quality content in our platform, especially for freshness.

Besides, To support our large supply chain, we operate with 4 complementary logistic models: cross-docking, drop-shipping, own stock e ship from store. In addition to the several different logistic models, we have developed Westlog, our own last-mile logistics network, aiming to provide a better level of customer service, reducing costs and delivery times for deliveries in the greater São Paulo region. It is worth noting the level of brand awareness the operation creates, since the fleet drives around the city with the Westwing logo. We also operate an urban hub, in the Western Region of São Paulo, to optimize order distribution by Westlog and increase our logistics network capacity.